I am Sella Runtulalo, Manado residents, have been involved in local communities for years. We know every bit of Manado and its outskirts, and we'd be more than happy to share the best kept secrets of the area with you.

For us Rumah Singgah is not just a business: Once you'll arrive you will become part of our family. We want you to feel at home, experience our culture and create lifelong memories. Unlike regular hostels, we are interested in showing you an authentic Manadonese hospitality.  

The hostel also serves as the headquarters of our marine conservation project, called Manengkel Solidaritas (www.manengkel.org). We focus on collaborating with local villages and the Indonesian government in order to conserve and restore coral reefs in North Sulawesi. During your stay you will get to meet the wonderful and passionate project employees. We also provide free accommodation for those who want to volunteer for this project, which offers a unique insight into local culture and marine conservation.

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