Tour Information


We offer the conservation projects' volunteers the opportunity to see our work in the field! We currently focus on mangrove trees nurseries maintenance and coral transplantation, but also on educating local children about the importance of marine conservation, and developing ecotourism in local villages. Depending on your field of interest we will customize this tour to your needs. And if you are lucky enough you will be able join the release of baby turtles to the sea!


From ridge to reef, North Sulawesi offers many activities for both nature and culture lovers! We can help you plan your adventure, whether it is on the land or in the sea:

1. Discover the lush mountainous area by volcano climbing, outdoor camping or white river rafting.

2. Dive and snorkel in the beautiful nearby Bunaken islands and find colorful coral, a huge variety of fish and giant seaturtles. Take some great underwater photographs in Lembe island, famous for its black sand.

3. Explore Manado city with us: we would love to take you tasting the great local food, drinking coffee in an authentic coffee street and sightseeing the various highlights of our beautiful city.


North Sulawesi is home to a wide variety of unique animals, both on land and in the ocean. Keeping in mind the principles of conservation, we will help you plan your trip to see protected animalsin this region, such as the Sulawesi Crested Macaque, the bizarre Tarsier monkey, the beautiful Rangkong bird or the aquatic animals such as Dugongs and Seaturtles. If you are an animal lover, coming face to face with these animals in their natural habitat is a great experience!